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Install, setup and maintain the Adam Software platform more conveniently.

Download the latest version here

This script based Setup application is meant to offer an alternative for the command line driven setup procedure to setup and maintain the Adam Software platform.

If you are tired of typing commands and the same parameters over and over again, then this application is something for you.

It not only offers a GUI to execute Adam setup and configuration commands, it also allows you to install different software packages (studios), configure the Adam Windows Services, configure Maintenance and indexing tasks on the different servers in the Adam farm and many more.

The application updates every change in configuration directly into a xml preference files. This makes sure you only enter configuration parameters once unless you need to change them. No more endless retyping.

The application exists out of a single PowerShell script. I wanted to keep it as simple and lightweight as possible. I chose PowerShell because it has a lot of integration  possibilities. The script can easily be edited, extended, modified with the standard Microsoft ISE editor or any text editor.  I find this especially useful for setup applications where you want to add additional functionality fast.

Windows has by default PowerShell on board, so no need to install additional software. Just copy the script to the Adam folder and you are set.

I found it useful to create a special Windows shortcut on the desktop or in the windows taskbar to launch the script. You can use the provided shortcut in the zip package or you can setup it up yourself.  Check here how to set the up the Windows shortcut manually .

Warning! The script presumes you have the Adam Software package(s) installed, meaning you have downloaded the software and installed it running the .msi installers.

The script has been successfully tested on Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 and R2, Windows 7.

The following blog post discusses the script in more detail: How to easily setup the Adam Software platform by means of PowerShell.

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